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Frequently Asked Questions

How can you help me to mobilize my business?
We'll start by building you a new "standalone" mobile optimized website which will enable smartphone users to access your content in a fast and convenient manner - within a few days you'll have an entirely new customer base seeking out your products or services.

Will my mobile website replace my existing website?
No, your main website will continue to operate as usual, however when users try to access your existing website on their smartphones, they will be automatically redirected to your new mobile site, seamlessly.

Why not mobilize my existing website?
Although this approach is also feasible it is far from ideal as traditional websites don't translate well to the smaller screen area and load far to slowly. Mobile websites are purpose built to be fast loading and easy to navigate.

Will my mobile site be listed in the search engines?
Yes, the major search engines have mobile specific listings to present to mobile searchers enabling you to reach far more prospects, especially locally. Potentially your busineess will be listed in both search types.

Are mobile websites expensive?
In general mobile websites cost far less than traditional websites, by virtue of their "lightweight" design. Only features and content that are applicable to your mobile users are included in your mobile website design, making them fast to load, easy to navigate with a definitive call to action.  We offer packages to suit every budget from a custom designed mobile site or mobile App to a basic 5 page mobile site.  We also offer the most advanced mobile script (supporting over 50,000 mobile devices) and the latest Tap to Call pages.  We are also able to direct your mobile calls to a dedicated number that announces the call so that you know it came from your website and we can record your calls for you too (callers are notified that calls are recorded for training and to improve services).

How long will it take for my mobile website to be ready?
We can usually get a mobile site operational quite quickly, we will need an initial consult with you to confirm your mobile requirements, if there is some urgencythen please let us know.

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