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Mobile Friendly Information

Mobile Friendly sites turn visitors into customers

Mobile users actively seek out and engage woth mobile friendly sites, it is a sobering reminder of just how quickly and deeply users attitudes about companies can be shaped by a mobile website experience.

Having a great mobile site is no longer about making a few more sales, it has become a critical component of building strong brands, nurturing lasting customer relationships and making mobile work for you.

The most important thing you need to take away from this infographic is that 6 out of 10 people will leave without taking action. When a visitor leaves your site quickly (bounce rate) you will get a penalty from Google, your quality score will drop and your adwors will cost more. Plus of course you lose the customer!! Yet if you keep those mobile visitors 67% of them are more likely to buy from you.

So what is the cost of losing mobile visitors, well if you are dentist in atlanta just two keywords could cost you your share of 10,000 searches a month.

Dentist loses up to 10,000 visitors a month

Here is are the stats:

Mobile Friendly


The Good news is that you do not need to redevelop your site, just a snippet of code to detect mobile users is all you need, our code supports over 50,000 devices and is updated twice a month, mobile users will be take to a dedicated site that is mobile friendly.  Get a quote for your site http://qmobilemarketing.com/pricing/

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