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Mobile Landing Pages

There are often occasions when a simple mobile landing page is the preferred destination for a specific offer or promotion, rather than the mobile website itself being used.

This is a practice that has evolved over many years in conventional internet marketing.
Squeeze pages or Optin pages, CPA offers etc all tend to use “remote” landing pages – even the mighty Google recommends individual landing pages when running pay per click adverts, quite often one landing page for every keyword targeted!

Mobile marketing is following a similar pattern – You have a main “mobile” website which receives “mobile traffic” from “mobile search” perhaps, but then you also have individual “mobile landing pages” which are not linked via navigation to the main “mobile website” but serve up “mobile optimized” content which is pertinent to your offers.

Typically these would be offer or coupon pages or opt ins from QR code or SMS marketing campaigns.We excel at this kind of work so pleaseĀ  call Now for more information